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We strive to make the event a truly enjoyable experience and, even though your limbs may be weary and your feet a little less twinkly, we wish your soul to be happy. 

​What you get:

  • Rotary Across Wales Walk bespoke finishers medal

  • Light refreshments at most checkpoints and finish line

  • Three full meals (for full route) – breakfast, lunch and tea

  • Water refill stations at each checkpoint

  • Experienced medical cover – St Johns

  • Individual event number

  • Fully signed route

  • GPX file for the route – available from the website

  • Transport from the finish to Newtown

  • Friendly event team, advice and support

On the day

Depending upon which distance you're doing, head to you registration point and once we've checked you in, you can head off on your adventure. 

Collect you event number at registration and make a note of the event emergency contact number.  Pin your number to your being/kit so that it’s visible to checkpoint marshals – numbers are needed to register at ALL checkpoints and to claim your food at relevant points.

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discover the route

Download full route details and gpx files for each distance option

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full event guidance

Download a copy of the full event guidance and hardcopy application form

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frequently asked questions

There's always something we ponder about, so here we have provided the answers


Along the route are a number of check points, some will provide snacks and some meals. All will require you to 'check in' with your number, so that we can keep track of you along the way. 

You'll also see a number of marshals along the way, guiding you in the right direction and making sure you're ok. 


You’ll be crossing an entire country and the weather can easily change during the course of the event.... so there’s a need for both sun cream and cold weather kit. 

There is no mandatory kit check however marshals at the start will be checking for appropriate footwear and clothing for the elements.  Here's a handy list for to help you out.

  • Rucksack, with waterproof liner

  • Waterproofs

  • Extra warm layers

  • Cold weather hat

  • Sun hat

  • Head torch or torch

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun cream

  • Power bank (fully charged)

  • Spare laces

  • Blister kit/plasters

  • Mobile phone – emergency number saved to contacts (supplied on the day)

  • Gpx file – downloaded (although there are plenty of route markers along the way)

  • Spare socks

  • Buff

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle/cup

  • Sense of adventure

Frequently asked

Q: Do I need to be fit?

A. You do not need to be an athlete, however you do need to train and be able to walk for a prolonged period of time over hilly terrain.


Q. Do I need to be able to map read?

A. No, we have a Gpx file and loads of way markers on the ground.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. No.


Q. Is there transport to the start?

A. No, participants are responsible for their own transport to the start line.

Q. Is there transport from the finish?

A. We provide a shuttle bus between the finish, in Montgomery, and Newtown - travelling via Abermule, Newtown rail station and Hafan Yr Afon (Newtown).

Q. Is there parking at each registration point?

A. Yes. Public carparks are available at Machynlleth and Newtown (pay and display). Staylittle has some roadside parking, Aberhafesp - within the community centre grounds and Abermule - within the school/community centre grounds..


Q. Are there water stops?

A. Yes, every check point/marshal point has water. Please bring your own bottle. 

Water point locations - Cefnwyrygrug Farm,, Glaslyn, Staylittle, Trefeglwys, Aberhafesp, Newtown, Abermule, Llandysill.


Q. Can friends/family support me along the way?

A. Yes, except where the route passes over private land.


Q. Can I use the event to raise money/sponsorship?

A. This is something we encourage, and the event is a platform to enable you to raise money for your chosen charity.


Q. Can I wear flipflops/sandals?

A. No.


Q. How long will it take me?

A. Everyone has a different pace and it's good to be familiar with your own. On average, it takes approximately 16 hours.

Q. What if I can’t take part on the day?

A. We will be aware at registration, therefore there is no requirement to tell us.


Q. What happens if I have Covid/Covid symptoms?

A. Get in touch with us prior to the event. Please do not turn up at registration if you have Covid or Covid related symptoms.


Q. What should I wear on my feet? Do I have to wear walking boots?

A. Fit for purpose walking boots or shoes that have been broken in. Cut your toe nails.


Q. Is there a required kit list?

A. No, however you are crossing a country in a day. Therefore ensure you have extra layers, waterproofs, hat, snacks and water which can be refilled at checkpoints. 


Q. Can I run it?

A. Yes. Please do not register and start until 04:00 and be aware some checkpoints might not be able to fully cater for you depending on your speed. 


Q. What happens if the back marker catches up with me?

A. The back marker starts at 04:30 and walks at a pace which ensures he finishes at 22:00. If there is nobody in front of him he may arrive at a cut off early and leave early but not if participants are present. He is there for safety and is approachable for chats and advice.


Q. What happens if I get injured on the day?

A. Either use the emergency number supplied at registration, or report to a checkpoint if able to do so. In an emergency dial 999, giving your location. It is advisable you download the app ‘What3Words’ and learn how to use it for accurate location information. 


Q. Is there a bag transfer service?

A. Yes, but only from start to finish. There is no mid point bag service.


Q. Do you cater for vegans?

A. Yes, but please note this on the entry form to ensure we can cater for everyone.


Q. Will it be sunny on the day?

A. Yes, with possible cloud, rain and wind, but only a very slight chance of snow…. It’s Wales.


Q. Is there any rock climbing/scrambling along the route?

A. No.


Q. Is there a lot of road along the route? 

A. There are some country lane sections which are unavoidable, however it is a very mixed route of lanes and agricultural farmland.


Q.  How do I train for the event?

A. Walk, Walk and Walk. Build up slowly conditioning both your fitness and your feet for the day. Use the time to address any niggles with your footwear and kit. Get used to walking in all weather conditions and aim to be walking the full distance over an entire week at least a month prior to the event. We've some handy tips too.


Q. Can I get lost?

A. It is extremely difficult as we supply both a Gpx file and provide loads of way markers on the ground. We have a fantastic relationship with all the landowners who kindly allow us to cross their land, and therefore request that all participants stick to the route at all times.


Q. Can I get a refund?

A. Detail of the refund policy is available in the full event guidance.


Q. What do I need to carry during the event? 

A. We supply food and fluids at each checkpoint, however each participant is responsible for their own equipment. The walk crosses a country in a day therefore you should be preprepared for all types of weather. A small rucksack (runners ultra vest) will be required containing extra layers, waterproofs, hat, snacks and water bottle/cup. Check out our recommended list.


Q. What can I expect at each checkpoint?

A. Each checkpoint will be manned by stewards who can help and advise you, if required. There will be toilets, a warm place out of the elements, food and a chance to refill water containers. The food is varied depending on the checkpoint, and not just random. The event has been running for a long time and we understand what is required at each checkpoint to ensure you are fuelled and prepared for the next leg.


Q. Can I complete as part of a team?

A. We have a relay option which is explained in the guidance. Folk can obviously walk together, but each member will be an individual entry. 


Q. Is there event timing/timing chips?

A. No. The event has never been viewed as a race, however with more runners taking part each year we will consider this in the future.


Q. Can I download a gpx file?

A. Yes, we have gpx files for all distance options 


Q. Do I have to stick to the route? 

A. Yes, we have a fantastic relationship with all the kind landowners who allow us to cross their land. Any deviation or fouling of crop fields will be detrimental to future events. 

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